Island Avenue is an American folk rock reunion band of three college buddies (Tom, Terry and William) who never lost touch with their roots, each other and the music they love. They were former members of Southern Persuasion and the Back Roads Band that played the Tampa Bay circuit in the mid-to-late 1970’s. Rounding out the 4-piece band is their fourth member (Andy) who is a passionate musician and entertainer, formerly from Albany NY.

Island Avenue is a small group of musically passionate folks who love to write and perform a wide variety of covers and original music. Their cover focus is a blend of killer alternative and classic folk-rock genre music ranging from the 1960’s to the new millennium. This includes various forms of rock, dance and R&B tunes from artists like Everly Brothers, Chris Isaak, Allman Bros, BB King, Luke Bryan, Beatles, Van Morrison, Dwight Yoakum, Johnny Cash, Waylon  & Willie, Creedence, John Mayer, Yardbirds, Brooks & Dunn, Elvis Presley, Doors, Moody Blues, Roy Orbison, Zombies, Mumford & Sons, Darius Rucker, Glen Campbell and Billy Joel.

Island Avenue’s heartfelt original music expresses southern living along with the trials and tribulations faced by many people throughout the world today. The band’s original songs, debuted in their first album Kickin’ Back, are constructed with precision that evoke shades of the Eagles in a modern day setting. Their well thought out song structures, lyrics, melodies, simple leads, complex arrangements and effects induce feelings and memories that immediately bring you back and strike a chord. It’s all about the memories of your best times.
Bill Milian
Bass guitar and vocals
Terry Ferguson
Rhythm guitar and vocals
Tom White
Lead guitar and vocals
​Wil Selsor
FOH, sound 
Andy Serritella
Drums, shaky/bangy Things
and vocals