debut album,
K ickin' Back
just Released March 22 on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, etc.
... a small group of musically passionate guys who love to write and perform a wide variety of alternative and classic folk rock cover and original music
Island Avenue continues to surprise fans and patrons with their killer covers from back in the day (60's, 70's) when classic rock was being formulated, along with some of the more newer classic rock songs. They are multiple genre's including dance, light rock, R&B and alternative folk rock tunes with a  healthy sprinkling of originals, bearing similar nostalgia, that blend perfectly into the Island Avenue mix. 
 Upcoming Performances
​​ Biff Burger & Buffy's B.B.Q  -  3939 49th St. N., St. Pete, FL 33709
05/31/19   Fri.   7:00-10:30p 

Rick's on the River  -  2305 N Willow Ave, Tampa, FL 33607  
06/01/19   Sat.   4-8p                    

Biff Burger & Buffy's B.B.Q  -  3939 49th St. N., St. Pete, FL 33709
06/21/19   Fri.   7:00-10:30p   

Mother's  12227 W. Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, FL 33626
09/20/19   Fri.   7-11p   

 Recent Past Performances
05/03/19      7-9p                    Dunedin Sunset Music Series at Weaver Park
04/20/19      6-9p                    M-N-M BBQ (St. Pete)
03/08/19      7:00-10:30p       Biff Burger (St. Pete)
02/02/19      6-9p                    M-N-M BBQ (St. Pete)
01/25/19      7:00-10:30p      Biff Burger (St. Pete)
11/17/18      4-8p                    Rick's on the River (Tampa)

07/04/18 - 10/1/18                Summer Break / Studio Recording

06/23/18     7-11p                  Sports Shack (Largo)
06/08/18     6:30-9:30p         Nauti Nancy's (Clearwater)